The following is a “paw”dcast with Mary and Zsa Zsa about their new book, Woofs to the Wise!

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The following are a series of podcasts that Mary M. Mitchell and the late Letitia Baldrige recorded on a diversity of subjects. They refer to them as, “Tish and Mary Talk Manners”. These charming dialogues are filled with insights into some of the thornier aspects of etiquette: (to listen to the audio file, simply click the play arrow to the left of the audio bar).

The Cocktail Party – hosting one, attending one, “RSVP’ing”, composing an invitation and handling uninvited guests.

Declining Invitations – the trickier aspects of “just saying no,” little white lies, why it’s best to avoid them.

Condolence Notes – Sometimes we are at a complete loss for what to say.  Here are some useful suggestions for heartfelt, meaningful messages.

Conversing in Depressing Times – When things are looking bad and you’re on a downslide, a timely chat might just tip the balance.

Keeping Political Differences – Although high on the list of no-no’s for polite conversation, sometimes the topic seems unavoidable.

The Toast – “May you live as long as you want to, and may you want to as long as you live,” and other useful suggestions.

Charity Donations – It always seems to be that time of year, doesn’t it…and the phone always rings around dinnertime. Saying yes and no graciously.