Ms. Mitchell and her husband, James K. Weber, M.D., a retired surgeon and now a yoga teacher, provided the first active wellness component at the 2011 AAMC medical conference. Ms. Mitchell taught Zumba, and Dr. Weber provided twice daily yoga classes. These classes were offered as an antidote to cognitive overload and were interspersed between the presentations and workshops throughout the four days.

We are diligent about keeping our cars in good running order, so why oh why do we neglect our bodies? If you ignore your body’s needs, allowing stress to build, you’ll become easily distracted and your work will suffer. To feel confident and centered, we need to eat properly, drink in moderation, exercise and get regular sleep. It’s only common sense.

Below are links and articles on the subject of staying healthy and well balanced. Not only will you work more effectively, you’ll enjoy it more!


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