We are dedicated to helping individuals to be more professional so they can advance their careers and, in turn, their organizations.

We have built a global training and consulting practice on the core belief that constructive communications and etiquette are the foundation of professional behavior and leadership development.

If you think etiquette is irrelevant, think again.  Social etiquette helps grease the skids of life.  Business etiquette helps grease the wheels of commerce. In this era of rampant sensory overload, we also offer adaptable tools that enable our clients to become more centered and focused, in order to establish and sustain solid relationships. Our work is always highly personal, matching the needs of each individual with flexible solutions.

You have the power to shape the public perception of you and your organization.  Why not do so in ways that make you look good?  Mastering etiquette skills is an important step to success.

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