Social Etiquette

The rules of etiquette have evolved over generations; they are learned, not inherited. However, once you know the acceptable standards and the reasons for them, the rules can be bent.

We’re usually presented with three choices: what’s absolutely correct, what’s absolutely incorrect, or what’s absolutely appropriate, which is often somewhere in between. Common sense, respect for others and a friendly outlook go a long way toward developing harmonious relationships.  But these estimable attributes will not cover every situation nor save you from the embarrassment of the occasional faux pas or gaffe.

Some of evergreen social-etiquette topics are addressed in the articles below:

  • Braving the Buffet – Don’t Be Baffled
  • Getting it Right When it Comes to the Right Wine
  • On Dining Well – Gain Confidence at the Table
  • The Art of Gift Giving
  • Changing Faces—Cosmetic Surgery Dilemmas
  • The Etiquette of Bereavement
  • Condolence Letters
  • Entertaining Guests in Recovery
  • Table Manners Tips (for Children and Parents) [PDF]