Presentation Skills

At some point, everyone becomes a public speaker. You will be asked to give a toast at a dinner party with a dozen colleagues, a presentation at a board of directors meeting, or talk before a few hundred people in an auditorium.  If you have stage fright, don’t be concerned. Everyone does, at least initially. And everyone can be taught to conquer it.

The Mitchell Organization has developed an interactive method of instruction involving role-playing, using cameras and lights, and giving immediate playback. We share with you our extensive experience on venues such as television, webcasts and Skype or FaceTime interviews.  With a little training and practice, you will soon project authority and self-confidence. And even have fun!

Audiences have very different personalities, and the more you understand these qualities the more successful you will be.  We will give you tips on quickly determining what your audience expects and how to deliver on those expectations.  Let us help you reach the pinnacle of your potential.