Social Savvy for Scientists

Social Savvy for Scientists is a four-part, comprehensive program that is especially valuable for international scholars and those involved in organizational leadership. It includes “Build for Success: The Science of Personal Presentation,” a web-based program to hone interviewing skills; “Business Dining is not about Food,” a combination lunch and lecture; “Schmooze or Lose: The Mindset and Mechanics of Working a Room,” an interactive workshop on making the most of business social events; and “Effective Interviewing,” which is one-on-one personal coaching.

In this 85-minute, on-demand program, Mary M. Mitchell explains the key elements of the interview process. The goal is to help the participant develop his or her professional presentation style. The program, originally designed for biomedical postdoctoral scholars at the University of Pennsylvania, is now in its tenth year.

We now offer the webinar part of the program to all scientists. This program is recommended for individuals who have advanced in their careers through the excellence of their professional abilities and are ready to take the next step: focusing on inter-personal relationships and leadership skills.

Ms. Mitchell explains what is important in the interview process. There is a strong emphasis on understanding how US cultural norms differ from those in other parts of the world. This program is especially useful for foreign-national scientists who are interviewing with US corporations. It also can help US scientists better understand their colleagues from other countries.

The program emphasizes:

  • The importance of recognizing cultural differences in communication
  • The importance of relationships
  • The significance manners play in a professional environment
  • The first impression and the message our clothing sends

Participants will enjoy a formal lunch, as Ms. Mitchell explains and demonstrates the two components of business dining: table manners and relationship building.

The first part focuses on working through the meal. Ms. Mitchell will touch on things to be aware of, such as traditional American dining etiquette versus traditional continental dining etiquette, and recent trends – in particular, use of technology at the table.

The second component of the dining workshop focuses on the purpose of a business lunch or dinner, which is building relationships. You want to leave the table, not only having accomplished your goal (getting the job, winning the contract), but also having started the process of building a relationship.

Schmooze or Lose is a 90-minute, interactive workshop that prepares participants for the type of interactions they will encounter in business-related social gatherings.

It takes confidence to make the most of business/social events. The people who make it look easy usually are those who have done the most preparation.  Schmooze or Lose will:

  • Teach the proper etiquette around meeting others: introductions, handshaking, using business cards and follow-up
  • Give pointers on how to make conversation
  • Provide insights on how to handle miserable moments: forgetting names, dealing with intrusive questions, alcohol protocol, breaking into and away from groups

By the end of this program, you will have learned how to make the most of these occasions.

Effective Interviewing is a 60-minute private session that involves role-playing in a mock interview. We work one-on-one, videotape the session and then play it back. Together we analyze what went well, and what could be improved upon. Participants’ skills are honed by having had every aspect of an interview practiced, self-evaluated and professionally critiqued.

In response to the growing practice of conducting interviews via Skype and FaceTime, we have incorporated the do’s and don’ts for presenting yourself well when using this media.

This is a valuable addition to the group session. It allows participants to put into practice concepts introduced in other parts of the program in a private and comfortable environment.

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"Build for Success"

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